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Month: February 2016

You Gotta Love a Good Crockpot Recipe

Well…my passion is photography, certainly NOT cooking!  Luckily, I recently came across the Frugal Girls Website – – they publish all kinds of great crockpot recipes.  That’s my kind of cooking!  Dump everything into one pot, turn it on, go on with your day as usual, and come home to a fully-cooked meal!  I can be outside taking pictures, playing with my kids, or just sitting on the couch watching TV (eating bonbons as my husband often accuses me of)! Now I have not I’ve tried all these recipes linked here, but I certainly intend to attempt each of them!...

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Getting Lost in Chicago…with Larry and Pete

I was cleaning up the pictures on my blog and I ran across some awesome pictures from my trip to Chicago to visit my sister. The kids and I packed up and flew to Winnetka, just a train’s ride away from Chicago. What a fun trip! In order to prepare the kids for their first time in Chicago, I bought the book Larry Gets Lost in Chicago. What is Larry Gets Lost in Chicago About? In this book, Larry the dog, gets lost from his boy, Pete. They both roam through the city of Chicago looking for each other, and...

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Kindle v. Book – Which Team Do You Play For?

  As I gathered up my things for the day, I had trouble deciding if I should take my book or my Kindle with me on my errands. I almost always end up waiting on someone or something, so I try to have good reading material at all times. Today I struggled… I’m in the middle of two “pieces of literature,” or “poolside trash” as I sometimes call my books – one is always a book that I’ve bought or checked out from the library, and a different book is always on my Kindle Paperwhite!   There seems to...

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Lightroom Shortcuts

As of now, Lightroom is my favorite editing program.  Mostly because I have used it for some time, and I feel like I know the program. Even with all my time editing photos, I had no idea there were so many Adobe Lightroom CC Keyboard Shortcuts!  And the Lightroom Shortcuts have really cut my editing time by quite a bit. If you are not familiar with Adobe Lightroom, you might want to check out the book The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Book for Digital Photographers. I like this book, in particular, because it has lots of images to show...

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70 Degrees & Sunny – What??

Yesterday, we were playing outside on our many riding toys enjoying the weather. The crazy, Texas, unpredictable weather! As I sat on the curb snapping pictures of my kids and their friends, I thought about the conversation I had with my younger sister earlier in the day. We were talking about the crazy weather, but her story was quite different. She lives in Chicago, and she was telling me about snowshoeing with her dog that morning. “It isn’t that bad today – – it’s 7 degrees,” she said!! WHAT?? For the last few weeks, the temps had been in...

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