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Okay…found something great that I just had to share!  They’ve been around for a while, but I’m just now discovering them.  They are called Knock Knock Pads!  I’m a natural born list-maker.  I LOVE to make a list!  A shopping list, a things to do list, a meal plan list, a list of things I’ve already done, etc…  And…what’s even worse is that if I complete a task that is not written on my list yet, I will write it on the list (after it’s done), just so I can cross it off.  I have spent countless hours re-writing lists so they look just right.  It’s a problem, I know, but a well-written list makes me very happy and keeps me organized!!  I’m pretty sure my list obsession began when I was a child – I used to watch my mom write her list of things to do on a scrap piece of paper or on the small chalkboard in our kitchen.  Her grocery list was never organized by aisles in the grocery store or in any sort of order that I could figure out!  What?  I never understood how she got all of her things to do completed or had a nice home-cooked meal ready for us every night.  How in the world did she stay organized?  I knew then that my lists when I grew up would be very different!

Enough about my issues…  Now let’s talk about Knock Knock Pads!  Oh my…it’s one of those things that I see and think to myself “Why didn’t I invent that?”  I’m the ultimate list-maker, and you would think that something like this would’ve crossed my mind to create!  They describe their product as notepads that “have been organizing lives, tickling funny bones, and spawning imitators for over a decade. Whether you’re bored or busy, cynical or starry-eyed, secretive or overshare-y, we’ve got a pad to help you express yourself and get things done.”  How great is that?

There are so many different versions of the Knock Knock pad, but I have my top 5 here to share with you!  Of course, this is my G-rated top 5 – – there are several that I would like to have because they are very funny, but since both my kids can read, I’ve decided not to use them!  At least not now…

This is a typical week in my house and how I plan for meals!

This is a typical week in my house and how I plan for meals!

My most useful and favorite is the Knock Knock – This Week Notepad.  It has the days of the week on it with a little box for each day (Monday – Friday), and you can basically use it for anything.  I use it for my chores and errands that I have to do for any given week (or hope to do) and things are set by day!  It reminds me when library books are due, or when the dry cleaning will be ready, etc…  You know…important things!  I have also started using it for my weekly dinner menu.  I list the item I’m planning to “cook,” and all the ingredients I’ll need for that meal.  I keep this with me, so I can quickly run to the grocery store to pick up last minute items for meals.  I know it comes as a surprise, but sometimes I don’t have it planned out in advance, so on any given week, I might make several small trips to the grocery store for the things I need to complete a meal!

Knock Knock Pads

So many possibilities for how to use this particular notepad! I use it several different ways. I go through so many sheets, I need to take out some stock in the company!

So that’s my favorite notepad, but I have a few close seconds.  Here they are…

  1. The All Out Of… Notepad – instead of wandering blindly through the grocery store, you just take this check list with you.  Throughout the week, you can check off items you run out of and have your list ready to go for grocery shopping day!
  2. The What to Eat Notepad – this will help you plan, track, and shop for meals each week.  Another great notepad – I have adapted my weekly meals to the This Week Notepad.  That works for me, but you might want one more specifically designed for meals.
  3. The To Do Notepad – this is just what it says it is – a To Do  list with sections for tasks, errands, correspondence, and a notes section.  Very nice to organize things to do at home and things you need to go to a store to complete!  I always have a long list of both…
  4. The Things To Do Around the House Notepad – this is a great pad that I think was specially designed for me to fill out for my husband!  It’s an easy way to keep up with such things as changing light bulbs, cleaning the garage, etc…
Honest Acronyms - what a genius idea!

Honest Acronyms – what a genius idea!

There you have it – my top 5 favorite Knock Knock Notepads!  But like I said – there are so many to choose from, and so many that would make funny little gifts for people.  Go check them out – but be aware of the fact that not all of the notepad titles are appropriate for little eyes!  Funny, but not something I want to explain to my kids yet.  My favorite example is the WTF Notepad – I think everyone reading this knows what the acronym WTF is supposed to stand for, but I will be telling my kids that it stands for “Why The Frown”!  Eventually, they will hear this on the playground and figure out what it means.  Until that day, we’ll stick with “Why the Frown”!!  But…for your friends who don’t have little kids reading over their shoulder all the time, you might consider the Knock Knock Honest Acronyms Sticky Notes Packet!  Oh my….what fun!  As the Knock Knock people say on the back of each of their notepads, “Don’t let yet another 168 hours of your life get away from you.  This purpose-driven pad provides space for you to organize your daily affairs while still letting you see the big picture.  You can even get a jump on next week’s tasks as you maximize your efficiency over and over-and over- again.”  Enjoy whatever Knock Knock Notepads you end up with, and like always, if you have a great idea for one, please share!  Until next time…