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Bottle Flipping...What is the Big Deal?
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What is the big deal with all this bottle flipping?  I couldn’t figure it out, but this morning after seeing Bottle Flipping was a topic on Live with Kelly, I decided that it was time for me to write about this crazy, fun, and very annoying phenomenon!  Bottle Flipping.  What is it exactly?  Well…in my house right now, it is the most annoying game my kids have ever played!

Not only was Bottle Flipping featured on Live with Kelly, but there have been many articles and stories written about it.  When I came across one in the New York Times called Bottle Flipping Craze is Fun for Children but Torture for Parents, that just further confirmed to me that it was time for a blog post.

Oh my goodness…my kids are constantly flipping bottles.  Even while we are in the middle of a conversation or watching TV, Zach is flipping a bottle trying to land it in a standing up position.  Are your kids (or are you) addicted to bottle flipping??

Bottle Flipping

Believe it or not, this picture of Zach bottle flipping was taken at the State Fair! We were waiting on sister and Dad to get off of a ride, and he was bored….

It took me some time to figure out what was happening to my bottled water supply.  We keep bottled water in the garage fridge, and in the past, a case of bottles would last us a very long time.  We only grabbed them when we were on the run.  So I rarely had to buy more.

Recently however, I have been having to refill the garage fridge because we kept running out of water bottles.  I just assumed it was because of the Texas heat.  Boy was I wrong.  I discovered this bottle flipping when Zach asked me to record him “landing a cap flip.”

I had no idea what he was talking about, so he explained to me that this was an “upside down bottle flip.”  Instead of landing the bottle in an upright position, you tried to land it on the cap!  Was that even possible?  He quickly showed me that (for him) it was possible.  Me…not so much.

I slowly put two and two together when he came inside with a nice cold water bottle and asked me if I was thirsty.  How sweet, I thought.  Well…he wasn’t looking out for me and my well-being, he just needed a bottle to flip and he did not want to waste the fresh, bottled water.

It’s very important you see, to get just the right amount of water in the bottle for Bottle Flipping!  Instead of pouring it out on the ground, he was drinking them down to the right level.  On this particular day, he wasn’t thirsty, so he offered the water to me!

And get this, after a few weeks of bottle flipping with the store brand water bottles, he had the nerve to say to me “Mom, can you get better water bottles?  These cheap ones gets dents in them so quickly.  I need some good ones.”  Really?

Guess what…  The next time I was at the grocery store and bottled water was on my list, I actually took the time to find a “good” water bottle.  I don’t mean a water bottle with good, clean purified water in it.  I mean a “good” water bottle – one that is sturdy and won’t dent so quickly when they are being flipped!

When I got home, I thought maybe I was losing (or had already lost) my mind.  Here I was totally encouraging and supporting this completely annoying game by purchasing good water bottles for flipping.  What?  But after I saw his very cute and excited reaction when he saw the bottles I chose, I realized it was worth the extra few dollars I spent to get the “good” bottles of water!

And it did not take long for the people who design games for all the cell phones, iPads, etc… to get wind of this crazy phenomenon.  There are several bottle flipping games available.  One of them is called Water Bottle Flip AK 2016 from Zen Capital.  This app was released in June of 2016, and it was after a YouTube video went viral of a boy in a talent show flipping a water bottle.  The rest is history…or something.  Check out the video below.

If you’re wondering about the App, on IOSnoop, I read the following:

Inspired by the senior talent show AK 2016, Water Bottle Flip brings you the insane flipping challenge of the year!

1. Flip the bottle up.
2. Land it safely anywhere you can!
3. Beat your friends best scores with 4 challenging game modes!

Featuring unlockable bottles, fresh flip locations and mad music tracks to flip to!

Mind blowing, go nuts, go crazy, it’s time to celebrate the most amazing trick a teen can do with a water bottle!


If you are still wondering what in the world I’m talking about because you are lucky enough to have a child that is not addicted to bottle flipping, then watch the video below called Water Bottle Flip Trick Shots/That’s Amazing.  I’m pretty sure that watching the YouTube videos of other kids bottle flipping will be almost as annoying as your child doing this in your house.  Well…not quite as annoying, but close!

The video below show some pretty cool bottle flipping video.  You will be amazed.  These kids do some pretty impressive tricks with their bottle flipping.  I’m really hoping that Zach doesn’t read this blog post, because I think it will give him more ideas on crazy stunts to try with his bottle flipping.

I was right…as soon as Zach started watching videos on the bottle flipping craze, he began to try to “up his game.”  The first crazy thing he was trying to do was to land a bottle flip on the window ledge of our second story window.  This entertained him and his friends for weeks.  And believe it or not, they landed it a bunch of times.  I always knew they were “window ledge bottle flipping” because of the loud thump on my window each time the bottle hit it.  Then, I also knew when they landed a flip because of the loud cheers that erupted each time it happened!

Bottle Flipping

Here it is… Zach trying to land a bottle flip on the ledge of our 2nd story window! Crazy, right?

Can you believe it?  Now even when we are in the car, Zach can be flipping these darn water bottles on his iPad!  Because why would you ever want to take a break?  There have been a few times when he is sitting down playing Water Bottle Flip on his iPad while actually flipping a bottle at the same time.  Crazy!!!

Bottle Flipping

In case you’re wondering if he ever landed this window sill flip, here it is! Impressive, right??

So this afternoon, he was a little bored with regular bottle flipping, so he decided to try what he called “Golf Club Bottle Flipping.”  And like most other times, I was his videographer.  Like I said…he was working on raising his game to the next level!  Zach got a small plastic golf club from our garage and was trying to flip the bottle (and land it) with the golf club.  What a nut…  Below is just a few seconds of the thousands of videos we took trying to capture him landing this crazy golf club bottle flip!



Well, he never was able to “land” the golf club flip, but I can give him an A for all his effort.  We must’ve tried to land one of these for about 30 minutes (at least).  And of course, after videoing him trying this over and over, I just HAD to try it myself.  I was convinced I could do this.  Man…it is a lot harder than it looks.  Don’t be surprised if you see me in my driveway while Zach is at school trying to land the Golf Club Water Bottle Flip!  I’m determined…

I’d love to hear about your crazy kids and all the cool things they are doing with this totally crazy (and annoying) fad!  I’ve finally decided that since I can’t beat him, I’m going to join him!  Y’all have fun.  Until next time…