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Month: January 2017

Kan Jam

Kan Jam!  What exactly is Kan Jam?  Well…let me tell you.  It is the simplest game that is so fun to play with your entire family!  I was introduced to this frisbee game at a friend’s house a few months ago, and I watched my children play it for hours. After watching and figuring out the rules for play, and seeing how much the kids were enjoying this simple game, I thought to myself…why didn’t I invent this?  You know those really simple, yet awesome things you see sometimes that people invented?  Do you find yourself thinking you could’ve...

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The Eastern Bluebird…One Of My New Discoveries at Connemara

The Eastern Bluebird.  One of my new discoveries.  My adventure over to Connemara Conservancy this last time was amazing.  I discovered the Eastern Bluebird.  What is Connemara Conservancy, you ask?  Well, you can read all about Connemara in my post titled Connemara Conservancy…A Wonderful Hidden Gem in Collin County. The short version is this…Connemara is a little slice of wilderness right here in the middle of Allen!  It is 72 acres of birds, trees, cute little field mice being chased by hawks, an occasional Blue Heron, and much, much more!  And just what is an Eastern Bluebird, you ask?  Well friends…read...

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Connemara Conservancy in Allen

The Connemara Conservancy in Allen.  What a hidden gem!  I was introduced to this place several years ago by a friend of mine who helped out a bit with their public relations and community information.  She was looking for someone to take some drone video of the area, so I happily volunteered my husband.  I had never been to see this place, but her description of it made me curious. When my husband and I got there with his drone and our two kids, we were completely shocked by the vast amount of land that was hidden right in...

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The Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary

The Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary is a recent discovery for me!  I have lived in Allen for about 13 years now, and I knew of The Heard, and I had actually been there when Zach was very little.  We went to a birthday party there for a friend. We spent our time in a little party room where they brought out some fun animals and taught the kids about them.  It was really fun.  But…because Zach was about 3 years old, we enjoyed the party, and then we left. Little did I know, I had missed...

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My Adventures with a Rented Canon 100-400 Zoom Lens

The Canon 100-400 zoom lens!  Is it worth the money it costs to own one?  I recently discovered this wonderful nature preserve near my house called Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary.  It’s a couple of miles from my house, and it is like being on a vacation.  It’s an area filled with trees, flowers, ponds, trails, and tons of wildlife.  Especially birds!  I have always been interested in taking pictures of animals – mostly butterflies and birds, and I had always used my Canon 70-200 lens. I was always able to get tack sharp pictures with it....

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