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Taking basketball pictures is harder than I thought it would be.  I always knew that the lighting inside of a gym was funny.  It always cast a sort of yellow glow.  It reminds me of lights in a dressing room.

I don’t know why someone hasn’t invented lights for dressing rooms that make you look good!  You know…like you have some color in your face, and maybe angle them in a way that makes you look nice and fit?

Same thing in a gym.  The lights are so horrible, and for this beginner, taking photos of Zach in the gym playing basketball has proven to be quite a bit harder than I thought.  I’ve learned a lot in the last year, and have several articles discussing those things that have worked, as well as those that have not worked.

The pictures in this post are all from the very beginning of Zach’s time on the basketball court.  Not bad for a beginner, but it seems like every season I learn a bit more, and my pictures improve a little bit.


See the terrible lighting in this shot? And…I was trying to freeze the motion, but the basketball is out of focus and blurred. Lots to learn…

By the time he is in high school, if he’s still playing basketball, I’ll probably be hired as the team photographer!  At least I hope I’m that good by then!


This one is a little bit better. At least it’s a bit sharper. Still not great though. And…I’m in the wrong place to capture his face! Still lots to learn…

Here are the links to a couple of my articles about basketball pictures.  Just click on the titles and it will take you directly to them…

So…I’m expecting my pictures to be much better this season, as I will be shooting with my brand new Canon 5D Mark IV.  I’m very excited to see how much of a difference there is between the Mark III and the Mark IV.  I’ll let you know.  Until next time…


Our little Maverick did SO well in the tournament this weekend! We were so proud of him and his team!!

Paula 🙂