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When in Doubt, Always Go with Chick-fil-a...
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If you’ve spent any amount of time in the drive thru of fast food restaurants around the state of Texas, I’m sure you know that the customer service at Chick-fil-a is top notch! The employees always seem happy to be at work, and they always take your order with a smile and a “it’s my pleasure”!

I have to admit, I’m not always in the mood for chicken, so occasionally, we venture out for a hamburger or a taco, but more often than not, my family ends up at Chick-fil-a.

The other day, after my daughter’s workout class with her buddies, we decided to drive through Chick-fil-a for an after workout treat! All 3 girls were starving and wanted chicken nugget meals (yum), and we decided to top it off with 1/2 dozen of their delicious chocolate chip cookies.

We zipped through the line, as we always do, even when there are tons of cars before us, and got our sack of food at the window. We were all in our happy place as my daughter was handing out drinks and French fries for the ride home.

As we crossed the parking lot and headed for the street to go home, one of the girls in the car said “Um…someone is chasing us.” I didn’t know what she meant, and I kind of brushed it off as I turned in with the traffic to head home. Just after I made the turn, my daughter was still digging through the bag and yelled, “The cookies!! They forgot the cookies!”

Obviously, the cookies were the most important part of the after workout treat, so I made a u-turn and headed back through the parking lot towards the restaurant. As I turned into the lot, I saw a Chick-fil-a employee walking across the parking lot back to the restaurant with what looked like a bag of cookies in his hand.

I honked at him a few times, and he finally turned around, and when he saw me he raised his arms in triumph and shouted “Ms. Paula! You came back!” Ben, our new best friend at Chick-fil-a had chased us across the entire parking lot with our bag of cookies.

Ben knew how sad the 3 girls in my car were gonna be if I had made it home without the cookies, so he chased us as far as he could. He said he made it all the way to the street, and once we left the parking lot and headed home, he gave up and turned back!

Now that, my friends, is CUSTOMER SERVICE at its finest! Ben…if you’re reading this, we thank you for your wonderful service! And if Ben’s not reading this, since he is probably in Highschool and doesn’t follow my blog, maybe his parents are reading this! If so, please tell Ben he is a rockstar!

So now, when we’re trying to decide which restaurant will get our business, we will always remember Ben, and we will lean towards Chick-fil-a because of him! Not only is their food delicious, but they have employees like Ben! What’s your Chick-fil-a story? Would love to hear from you!

And I’m 100% certain that after reading this blog post, you’re all considering or craving some Chick-fil-a. Am I right? I highly recommend them if it’s chicken that you want! Head on over to the Chick-fil-a on McDermott (in Allen) and ask for Ben!

If you’re not sure what you want to order, just click this link to the Chick-fil-a Website and check out their menu.

By the way…if I can help you out with family photos, sports photos, or pictures of any special events in your life, you can find me and my camera over at Paula Mason Photography. Let me know what you need.

And enjoy your Chick-fil-a meal!

Until next time…