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The Sony RX 10 II was one of my impulse buys…  I saw a review of it on YouTube, and immediately I wanted one.  I typically stick with Canon, but there was something about this camera that I really liked.  And…my boys at The CameraStoreTV liked it too.  You can watch their review of this camera by clicking on this link:  Review of the Sony RX10 II.

I also considered the Sony RX 100 line of cameras, but those just seemed a little too small for my giant hands!  They get great reviews too, and so many people have told me that Sony is ahead of the game as far as cameras are concerned, so I thought it was time for me to try one out.

Sony RX10 II

Just look at her! Perfect, don’t you think? Not too big, not too small! Just right!

I am always looking for what I like to refer to as a “purse” or “pocket” camera.  You know…one that I carry with me all the time.  A camera that I have with me just in case something needs to be photographed.  You know?  For me, my iPhone just isn’t enough.  I do use my iPhone a lot for posting on social media, but if it’s an event of something important to me, I want a photo taken with a “real” camera!

If you are a DSLR shooter like me (I love my Canon 5D Mark IV), you know that lugging those big things around can be quite cumbersome, especially if you are somewhere like the State Fair of Texas.  At the State Fair, I almost always find myself lugging giant stuffed animals around that my kids have won at all the crazy games.  There’s no way I’d be able to keep up with my DSLR too!

So…that’s what I was always searching for.  A small camera that could fit in my pocket or my purse that I could have with me always!  I was so excited when I finally made it down to Competitive Cameras in Dallas and picked up my brand new Sony RX10 II!  I could not wait to get it home and test it out.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to shoot with this camera, here are a few of technical specs:

  • 20.2MP 1″ Exmor RS BSI CMOS Sensor
  • BIONZ X Image Processor
  • Internal UHD 4K Video & S-Log2 Gamma
  • Carl Zeiss 24-200mm f/2.8 Lens (35mm Eq)
  • Slow Motion Video at 960 fps
  • 3.0″ 1228K-Dot Tilting Xtra Fine TFT LCD
  • XGA OLED Electronic Viewfinder
  • Built-In Wireless and NFC Connectivity
  • Low-Light Sensitivity to ISO 12800
  • Super Sonicwave Motor for Fast Autofocus

On the B&H Photo/Video/Pro Audio Website, they describe the camera in great detail:

The Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 II Digital Camera from Sony is a compact, point-and-shoot camera that features a large 20.2MP, 1″ Exmor RS BSI CMOS sensor producing high resolution still imagery and internal-recording UHD 4K video up to 30 fps, and super slow-motion video up to 960 fps. This sensor’s design utilizes a stacked CMOS image sensor with a DRAM chip and backside-illuminated technology to improve clarity and image quality when working in dimly-lit conditions as well as low-noise imagery and a sensitivity range of ISO 100-12800. The DRAM chip is integrated into the sensor, and combined with the BIONZ X processor allows for fast readout speeds, burst shooting up to 14 fps, and a maximum physical shutter speed of 1/3200 sec and a maximum electronic shutter speed of 1/32000 sec.

Pretty impressive, right?  Of course, to an amateur like me, all of those things mentioned don’t mean much to me, but a few of them do!  And the one thing that I was most attracted to, was the fact that this was a point and shoot camera (no extra accessories needed).  Everything I needed to take good pictures was already attached to this camera.

I did not need to lug around extra lenses with me for different occasions, because this little gem has a wonderful lens on it – it is a built-in Carl Zeiss Vario Lens with an 8.3x optical zoom!  Wow!  It provides a zoom range of 24-200mm all in one little package.  Amazing, right?

The lens has a constant maximum aperture of f/2.8, which helps in low light situations.  It has image stabilization to help minimize the effects of camera shake, and it also has an anti-reflecting coating which helps reduce reflections, lens flare, and ghosting.  It is quite an impressive lens for such a small package.

Another shot from the arboretum. Great colors!

Another shot from the arboretum. Great colors!

This little gem of a camera even has 4K video!  It also has a built-in stereo microphone as well as an external mic jack.  There are so many fun features on this camera.  It has built in Wi-Fi for easy wireless connection to your smart phone or tablet.  It’s very easy to transfer images right on the spot to share on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media outlet!  That is a feature I totally love – I can quickly post a pic (or text a pic) to family and friends when something fun happens!

All you need is the Sony PlayMemories app.  Once you have that, not only can you transfer images to your phone and share them on social media, but you can also grab control of the camera and use your phone as a remote control.

The body of the RX10 II is also something I really like.  It looks (and more importantly) feels great in your hands!  It reminds me a lot of my DSLR.  It feel similar, but it’s very lightweight (unlike my DSLR). The Sony RX10 II also feels very durable.  Oh…I almost forgot – the screen is adjustable too, which helps when you’re shooting at funny angles.  This is a great feature – one I often wish my Canon 5D Mark IV had also!

This past summer, this was the only camera I took with me on our trip to Chicago to see my sister.  This was the very first time that I had gone on a vacation without my Canon DSLR!  I was SO nervous!  But my carry on bag was so much lighter.  All I had was this one little camera – no extra lenses or batteries!  Just my little Sony RX10 II and a plug to charge it with.  And…I got some excellent pictures!

This was one of my favorite shots from the Arboretum! Not bad for a little compact camera, right?

This was one of my favorite shots from the Arboretum! Not bad for a little compact camera, right?

Okay…so those are the things that stand out to me on this camera.  There’s so much more to it than the things I’ve mentioned in this post.  If you are looking for a wonderful point and shoot camera with excellent zoom range, then this is the camera for you.

If you’re still not sure, then I suggest you check out some of the links above with reviews.  I really enjoy the video reviews done by The Camera Store TV guys on YouTube, and there is always a nice detailed description of most cameras on the B&H Website.

What camera do you use?  Do you shoot with a DSLR?  Or do you use a small point and shoot?  I’d love to hear from you.  And if you end up with the Sony RX10 II, please let me know what you think.  I’d also love to see some of your photos!  Until next time….