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The Joy of Balloons! An Amazing Night at the Carson's Crusaders Superstars Event...
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I had the privilege of photographing the Carson’s Crusaders Superstars event last weekend. What an amazing opportunity. The Superstars event is a bit different from Brighten the Night, a fund-raising event I’ve photographed for the Carson’s Crusaders Foundation in the past.

The Carson’s Crusaders Superstars event is a time to honor and celebrate the siblings of the kids going through cancer treatments, or maybe siblings of kids who have just finished their treatments. The patients are there as well, but this event is about the siblings. An amazing idea, right?

If you are trying to choose a charity to donate to, I urge you to check out the Carson’s Crusaders Foundation. It is such a wonderful charity that helps so many families through a very difficult time.

So I felt good about the time I spent at the event at Great Wolf Lodge last weekend to celebrate these siblings. My heart was definitely full after seeing all the love and the wonderful spirits of these kids and their families (patients and siblings).

One of the many things that struck me was the joy you see on a child’s face when they enter a room and see a floor filled with balloons. All colors. All sizes. It was like there was nothing better in the world than a balloon.

Over the years, my kids have enjoyed playing with balloons. All birthday celebrations at my house include balloons. Some helium filled and others just floating around on the floor. Bopping a balloon through the air is magical, and until this past weekend, I had forgotten this. My kids are teenagers now, but surprisingly they both will still pick up a balloon if the opportunity presents itself.

It was no different at the Caron’s Crusaders Superstars event. The balloons were quite a hit. I think the only thing they liked better was the candy table. The event coordinators had set up a candy station where the kids could scoop out whatever candy they desired and pour it into their candy sack. So you can imagine how popular that table was.

But next to that, the balloons on the dance floor captivated many of the little minds at the celebration. So if you’re in charge of an event, you might consider adding balloons as part of your decor. The joy on the faces of these kids filled my heart. I tried to capture photos of all of this, but I found myself setting my camera down just so I could watch them dance around with the balloons full of joy and happiness.

The balloons they were playing with on the dance floor were just plain old balloons. No glitter, no words, just plain, colorful balloons of all different sizes. Nothing particularly special. But there are so many different kinds of special balloons to buy now for such events. If you can imagine it, there is a good chance that you can find it on Amazon!

How about a balloon arch? There are so many companies who will come put up a balloon arch for you. Or guess what…you can now buy a kit to put together your own balloon arch! You can buy pumps to blow up your balloons. You can buy foil balloons with words written just for your occasion and more…

So there is no reason not to have balloons at your next party or event. Just look back at the smiles on the faces of the children at the Carson’s Crusaders Superstars event if you’re not convinced! Happy shopping!

Until next time….