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The Razor Crazy Cart: Raising a New Generation of Drifting Devotees
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The drifting fun offered by the Razor Crazy Cart isn’t really new. Drifting has been around for decades, when it started as a Japanese racing technique back in the 1970s. It’s been famous worldwide since the days of video games like Need for Speed: Underground and GT4, along with hit movies like The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It’s not just a trend anymore, and its popularity is ensured with toys for little children such as the Razor Crazy Cart.

What Is It?

The Razor Crazy Cart is basically a type of go-kart powered by a rechargeable battery. It’s a bit small since it’s for kids, as it measures 37” L x 24” W x 19” H. You can get it in red or black, but there’s really nothing that prevents you from decorating it to your heart’s content with stickers to make it more appealing for your daughters.  However, we have the red one, and Morgan hops on it any chance she gets!

The Crazy Cart weighs a hefty 55.2 pounds, but that’s a good thing for stability and durability. That weight is mostly because of the solid steel frame, which makes the Crazy Cart virtually invulnerable to inevitable crashes.

With the power from the rechargeable battery, the cart can go up to 12 miles per hour, but what really separates this go-kart from all the others is its drifting capacity. It comes with its unique patented drift system so that your kid can drift in just about any direction. So you can go around a post in such a way that the front is always facing the post!

This took a few minutes for Zach to understand, but once he figured it out, there was no stopping him.  And after he gave Morgan a 5-minute instructional session, she had it figured out as well!


When a toy has the word “Crazy” in the name itself, it causes me to pause and look at the toy a little closer before buying it.  So let’s address that safety concern right away. This is especially important for a toy that can go very fast and drift in various directions while a younger child is driving it. But Razor did anticipate concerns from parents, and they came up with various safety measures that comply with safety guidelines.

  • First off, the manual recommends that children should always wear a helmet and pads while riding this go kart. (We always wear a helmet on any riding toy, so this was an easy one for us.  We do not ever wear pads).
  • It also comes with a shoulder strap and lap belt that’s fully adjustable, so your little kid is harnessed securely in the seat. (Neither of my kids use the lap belt.  They are so low to the ground on this thing, I’m not really worried about them falling out).
  • The anti-tip caster wheels work, so you really don’t tip over. (Zach has done some very crazy spin-out moves and has not been able to tip the Crazy Cart over yet – and he has tried)!
  • It also helps that its weight adds greater stability so that there’s very little likelihood that the driver will tip over. (Very heavy – we always try to get it in the garage before the battery runs out).

All in all, it is exceptionally safe. It can be argued that this is much safer than bikes or skateboards, which don’t offer straps and a stable platform like the Razor Crazy Cart.

Driving the Go Kart

Let’s start with the assembly, which for many parents is the ultimate bane of modern toys. While it does come with the dreaded tag “Assembly Required,” it’s actually quite minimal. That’s because for the most part it’s already been assembled for you. All you will have to do is attach the steering wheel, and the assembly process is all done.

You’ll also need to charge the battery first. The problem here is that it takes 12 hours for the darn battery to fully recharge. And that gives you about 40 minutes of driving time. You can charge it at night so you can use it first thing in the morning.  We always “park” our Crazy Cart in the same spot in our garage – near the plug.  And because they ride it so much, we almost always plug it in.  That way, it stays charged up.

As an adult and a parent, it’s actually your solemn duty to try it out. It’s just a coincidence that it sure looks like fun. It’s actually able to handle a weight of up to 180 pounds although if you’re too tall then you’re going to have some problem with your legs.

Your weight will also slow you down, so don’t even hope of reaching the maximum 12 mph limit. Of course, as an adult there’s no way you’ll fit in with the seatbelt, so hold on!

A someone who has driven a car for many years, I was used to a car’s steering wheel, but the Crazy Cart is very different.  The steering wheel has a little arrow, and the front wheel goes where you aim the arrow.  Aiming the arrow 90 degrees to the left means you go that way. It’s different from a bike because if you aim the arrow backwards, you go in reverse.  Like I said before – it doesn’t take long to figure this whole steering thing out.

Put your foot on the gas pedal, and off you go. The Crazy Cart’s speed depends on  how much you press on the gas pedal. So in other words it functions much like a car pedal.  Push harder, and you’ll go faster…

However, unlike a car it doesn’t have any brakes at all. You slow it down by taking your foot off the pedal, and it slows down just like any other regular go-kart. Better yet, turn the steering wheel 90 degrees so that you end up running in a circle until you slow down to a full stop.

Drifting the Crazy Cart

Driving this go-cart seems simple enough. It’s with the drifting that will give you a lot of surprises. The way Razor figured out how to include a drifting feature in the Crazy Cart is quite elegant in its simplicity. It works extremely well.

To drift, you simply pull up on the Drift Bar when you want to start drifting. The steering wheel turns a full 180 degrees to either direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) so you can discover the effect of pulling up the Drift Bar when the steering wheel is turned at a certain direction. You can also see for yourself what’ll happen when you’re going backwards. The Drift also offers variable drifting effects, depending on how much you pull it up. When you pull it up to the full, it’s in Crazy Cart mode.

Razor recommends 3 practice routines you should perform regularly so that you can familiarize yourself with the kart:

  1. With the Drift Bar down, practice going in circles. See what happens when you do a 90 degree turn and when you turn the direction backwards.
  2. When you’ve mastered going in a circle, see what happens when you raise the Drift Bar up by just a little. Find out how it reacts when you turn the steering wheel, and then when you raise the Drift higher each time.
  3. Practice your drifting in a tight circle, and then practice drifting on various turns.

And make sure that while your kids are figuring out the drifting for the first time that you have your phone ready to video their faces!  You will see the biggest possible smiles, and probably hear lots of laughter.  At least that was my experience!

Will Kids Like It?

You will need the entire list of synonyms for “fun” and “exciting” to get even the remotest idea of just how great it feels to ride this thing. The whole time, your kids will be laughing, giggling, and hollering in sheer delight.

It fulfills the primal need for speed with the wind in your face. The crazy turns with the drift bar offers unbridled excitement in its seeming unpredictability, and the eventual mastery of the turns offers unmatchable satisfaction.


The Razor Crazy Cart doesn’t really need much in the way of maintenance. You just make sure that you use the charger supplied with the unit. Also, don’t store it in freezing temperatures. You should also look over the unit every time you use it, and you can replace malfunctioning parts by buying online or from some Razor retail store.

Better than the Previous Version?

If you’re looking around online for reviews of the Razor Crazy Cart, you may find tepid or even negative reviews. When that’s the case, take a look at the date of the review. In all likelihood, it was written for the 2013-14 version. Despite some of these negative reviews, the overall reception was extremely positive, which is why this version won the “2014 Outdoor Toy of the Year” award at the TOTY Awards Ceremony. This annual awards program is sponsored by the toy industry itself.

But we are now talking about the latest 2015 version, which is a different matter altogether. It’s now even better. This is the Crazy Cart that resulted when Razor took note of the most common complaints and recommendations from owners, and they incorporated these improvements for this latest model:

  • Much wider wheel base. Because of this, the cart is now even more stable, which is crucial when it’s being used for drifting.
  • Extended space. Razor stretched the distance between the driver’s seat and the accelerator, which gives the taller children more room to be more comfortable. This also helps adults, since many parents and older siblings will want to try it out too because it looks so much fun.
  • Durable stabilizing posts. Many reviews for the previous version mentioned that the 2 anti-tip casters wheels had an inherent flaw. They inevitably wear down after continuous use, thus it was the kart’s weakest link. The new version now uses the durable stabilizing posts in the front. These things were definitely built to last, and it makes the Crazy Cart go for years.
  • Modified steering stop. This improves the steering, especially when the children are going in reverse.
  • Removed the accelerator cut-off switch. The cart was already easy to use before, but this improvement definitely makes driving it a breeze to learn.

Full List of Specs and Features

  • It is recommended for ages 9 year old and above
  • The recommended maximum weight is 140 pounds
  • It’s available in red or black
  • When fully assembled, it measures 37” L x 24” W x 19” H
  • It requires minimal assembly, which consists of just putting in the steering wheel in the otherwise already assembled go-kart
  • It’s powered by two 12V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system, and a battery charger is included in the purchase
  • The battery may last up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • It comes with a pneumatic front tire
  • It also has front stabilizing posts
  • The Crazy Cart can reach speeds of up to 12 mph
  • It features a drift bar that enables the driver to control their cornering, spins, and drifting


It’s fun. Have we mentioned this yet? Imagine an entire page filled with the word FUN. That’s how fun it is. When you master it, you will feel like the king of the world and the master of the universe.

What adds to the fun is the knowledge that it’s eminently durable. Crashing into posts may become a regular occurrence, but this sturdy go kart will just shrug off the collision. It will go again with no problem whatsoever.  It can accommodate heavier people, so adults can join in the fun.

The kart is also extremely safe. It’s heavy enough so that it’s stable and it won’t turn over. Most kids also learn to lean into the turn, just like they do with bikes. They instinctively learn to turn their center of gravity into the turn so that tipping over becomes highly unlikely. With the seat straps, the helmet, and pads, your kids will be safe.


If you’re the stereotypical protective parent, watching your kid go by on this speedster can be terrifying. It doesn’t matter if on paper the 12 mph maximum speed isn’t much. Seeing it in person with your kid on a tiny machine, feels like your baby is always going by so fast. You also can’t help but feel apprehensive every time they go drifting. It just seems so reckless!

The main problem is the short operational period after you charge the battery.  The 40 minutes of driving time will fly by!  And if you have to share your Crazy Cart with a sibling…well…maybe you should buy two!

Razor sets the recommended age at least 9 years old, since the weight of the driver affects the stopping time. With very young kids, the time it takes to get to a full stop is longer.

On a side note, as an adult you don’t need much time for it to stop, but going uphill will be almost impossible for you. Your comfort is also going to be a problem if you’re tall as the seat is close to the steering wheel.

That 12-hour requirement for a full recharge is a real headache, because it practically limits your use of the Razor Crazy Cart to just once a day. It would be nice if Razor could offer a longer operational time along with a shorter time for recharging. Wouldn’t it be great if it’s like a smartphone, which you can recharge fully for a few hours and then you have a few days use? Maybe Razor can get some tech from Tesla for more efficient battery life.

The need for wide spaces may also be considered a drawback, because it’s unlikely your backyard has enough space for this thing. We have had no trouble riding the Crazy Cart in our driveway and out on our street.  We live on a cup-de-sac, so the traffic is never too bad.  You also have to use your car to bring this to your play area, since it’s too heavy for your kid to lug around all by themselves.

Finally, there’s the price.  The Crazy Cart retails for a price of about $300. Now you may find some discounts on ecommerce sites where the price may be more than $100 lower, but you have to make sure you get this model rather than the inferior 2013 version.  (It will cost more if you get the XL version of the Crazy Cart).


Despite all the drawbacks you may want to list down, the fun factor here is undeniable. It’s truly worth the money, as every kid who has tried it at least once will tell you. It’s absolutely exhilarating, and such fun isn’t always common outside theme park rides.

There’s a learning curve, but all school learning should be as exciting as this. At first you will spin out all over the place (which my kids try to do on purpose).  Soon you’ll get the hang of it, and the utter thrill of nailing a perfect drift can’t be matched by any video game whatsoever.

So yes, it’s expensive, the battery doesn’t last as long as we wish it would, you need to find the right space to drive it, it can be dangerous if you’re in the wrong place, and potentially it can be the cause of many fights between siblings (“It’s my turn!”). But if you can afford it, buy it anyway. The fun of drifting outweighs all these things.

Can’t wait to see some of your Crazy Cart pictures and videos!  You can check out Zach riding his Crazy Cart in our driveway in the YouTube video below!

Goodluck, have fun, and be careful!  And don’t forget your helmet.  And try to remember…this is your child’s toy!  Often times I think I should just buy two of everything so I don’t have to share my toys with my kids!  Ha!  Until next time…


Oh…and in case you wanted to see more Crazy Cart fun, here are a couple of more videos for you to check out!  Don’t you just want to hop on and go for a spin?  It’s hard to always be the grown up, and give the kids time on the fun toys!  When all I really want to do is hop on and have them video me!!!