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The Nixplay Digital Frame is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received!  If you are an avid photographer like me, and you take thousands of pictures every month, then this is something you need.  I was having trouble deciding which of my photos to frame and have out in my house, because I took so many.

My tabletops and shelves were filled with framed pictures, and I was constantly changing them out.  I finally found the answer to my problem.  The Nixplay Digital Frame.  This allows me to show off SO many of the photos that I take, without having to have them out in an individual frame on my tables!

Now…I still do print out photos to frame, because I love being surrounded by photos of my family, but I only had so much room for framed pictures.  I’ve put a table in every nook and cranny, and now I’m out of space from framed pictures – both on tables and hanging on my walls!  When I first discovered the Nixplay Digital Frames, I bought a really small one, thinking this would be the perfect solution for my addiction to photos.

I didn’t want to spend too much money in case it wasn’t everything I thought it would be.  So I purchased the Nixplay 8″ Digital Frame.  Wow!  It was everything I thought it would be (and more).

The Amazon Website describes these Nixplay Digital Frame as the Ultimate photo viewing experience:  Hi-Res 1028×768 pixel IPS Display with wide viewing angles, encased in a slim, elegant black frame.

This frame also has High Definition 720p Video Playback via USB/SD/SDHC Card.  Now that’s pretty cool, right?  The frame is wi-fi ready so you can send and display photos directly to your frame via email or from your iPhone/Android phone!

This is why this was one of my mother’s Christmas gifts a few years ago – I simply gave her the frame, and now I email photos directly to her frame of my kids.  She never knows when I email them until she sees them scrolling across her frame.  Isn’t that cool?

Hard to see where the frame ends and all the Christmas clutter begins! But...I think you get the idea!

Hard to see where the frame ends and all the Christmas clutter begins! But…I think you get the idea!

The frame can also access all of your photos from you social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and other places as well.  You can also upload pictures from Dropbox, Flickr, and Picasa very easily and securely to Nixplay online cloud storage.

I was able to keep up with my mom’s frame very easily, because with your Nixplay Cloud account, you can sync up to 5 frames free with 10GB of photo storage.  Now…if you’re interested in the Nixplay Plus Account, you can sync up to 10 frames with 30GB of storage with other storage options as well.

Here is the cork board I use in my playroom upstairs! It is easy to switch out pictures from time to time, but still display a lot of them at once!

Here is the cork board I use in my playroom upstairs! It is easy to switch out pictures from time to time, but still display a lot of them at once!

The specifics of each frame varies a bit in things such as video playback quality – some are HD, and others are not.  Some have anti-glare glass, LED Backlit display, and some are wall mountable.  Be sure you read all about them before you pick which one is right for you.

The most important thing for me was that I could email pictures directly to my frame (and my mom’s)!  It is so much easier than having to transfer pictures from an SD card.  And since I wanted to keep my mom’s frame up to date too, it was a very important feature for me.  There are several bells and whistles you can get on some of these frames, like motion sensors, touch screen, SD card slots, etc…

My second solution for my too many pictures and not enough space problem was a giant, fancy bulletin board that I have hanging in my upstairs play room.  Yes…an old-fashioned cork board with cute push pins – they’re sort of decorative, instead of the typical brightly colored plastic ones.

I use this bulletin board to display photos that I don’t necessarily want/need to frame, but that I do want people to see!  In fact, I’ve gotten so many nice comments on this bulletin board, that I’ve thought many times about getting anther one for one of my rooms downstairs.

Between my Nixplay Digital Frame and my bulletin board, I am able to show off so many of my pictures, without taking up every surface in my house with framed photos!

Sometimes, I find myself in a total trance just staring at my Nixplay Digital Frame.  It has SO many pictures stored on it now, that I could sit there for hours and not see a repeated picture.  It is also fun to see so many pictures of my kids when they were so little.  It brings back lots of fun memories.  The kids love it too – I also catch them in a trance sometimes watching their cute faces slide across the screen.

Friends who come by also get sucked in to watching it.  It is such a large screen, it’s hard to miss.  And, the way I have it set up, you can sit comfortably on my couch, relax, and enjoy a little movie of my life!  It’s great!  Watch the video below to get an idea of how this amazing thing actually works!!  But be careful – it will suck you in quickly!

I could see myself enjoying an even larger version of this – maybe hanging on the wall somewhere just constantly scrolling through pictures of our life!  What fun!  In fact, I enjoy pictures so much, that I could see eventually having one in every room in my house.  Who doesn’t love to see pictures of their children and family?  Let me know what you end up with.  Or do you have a different way to display your photos?  If so, I’d love to hear all about it.  I’m always looking for more ways to share my pictures in my limited space.  In the meantime, keep taking pictures and upload them to your digital frame!  Until next time…