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Way back when my kids were tiny tots, I used to try very hard to get them toys that were educational. One of the brands we grew to love around our house was VTech toys. Since my husband and I were both computer nerds, we loved the technology aspect of these toys. Not to mention the catchy little songs that all of the VTech toys seemed to play when you pressed one of the buttons.

My tiny tots are now 12 and 15, so we haven’t had many VTech toys in our house for a long time. Until recently…

When my kiddos outgrew their VTech toys, we donated them to our local preschool and to different charities around town, but there was one toy that I held on to…our VTech choo-choo train. I had so many fun memories of the kids playing with the blocks and scooting around the playroom on the train, so that toy took up residence in our attic as one of a few “toys to keep for our grandchildren.”

Well…I’m not a Grandmother yet, but I did recently become a Great Aunt! I am Aunt Pala the Great (as we like to say) to the cutest little boy ever. We had a play date here recently, so I needed to gather up some fun toys! I had given this little cutie pie a fun VTech toy for Christmas, but it didn’t seem right to ask his Mommy (my niece) to drag toys over for him to play with. I needed my own set of toys.

So I crawled over furniture and suitcases and rummaged through the attic and pulled out the cute little VTech choo-choo train that my kids had played with so many years ago.

It was covered in dust as it had been sitting in our attic for about 10 years, so I pulled it down and began to dust it off and clean it up. I didn’t think it would still work, but it would still be fun to climb on and push around. After I got it all shiny, I decided to put new batteries in just to see if it would still sing some of its catchy little tunes it used to sing to my kids.

Much to my surprise, our VTech choo-choo train lit up and sang just like it did back when my tiny tots were tiny! I was amazed, and it didn’t take long for me to remember all the words to the catchy little tunes it sang when you pushed the buttons.

Skip forward a few days to my play date with the sweetest little bug-a-boo ever. The VTech choo-choo train was just as popular with him as it was with my children when they were tiny tots. I was amazed that it still worked like a charm – it was entertaining, educational, and the catchy little tunes were stuck in all of our heads by the end of the play date.

As I was writing this blog post, I was looking around on Amazon, and I realized that they still sell the exact VTech Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train that I have, but they also have an upgraded version called VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train!

So now I need to decide if I should upgrade to the ultimate train or maybe spend some time researching what else is out there that I don’t know about since I’ve been out of the tiny tot toys for a while now. I think it might be time to expand (and possibly upgrade) my tiny tots toy basket for future play dates!

If you’re not sure about VTech, they have a lot of interesting information about their company, based in Arlington Heights, Illinois, on the VTech Website. You can read all about them. They have links to products and other information as well.

VTech is a world leader in age-appropriate and developmental stage-based electronic learning products for children. As a pioneer in the learning toy category, VTech develops high-quality, innovative educational products that enrich children’s development and make learning fun. With a rich, almost 40 year history, VTech has not only established itself as a learning authority but also consistently remains at the forefront of innovation with multiple award-winning products.

The company also has a broad range of award-winning infant and preschool products available in 25 different languages worldwide, with more than 100 new products introduced every year. VTech was awarded a prestigious 2015 Toy of The Year (TOTY) Award for its Go! Go! Smart Animals® Zoo Explorers Playset. In order to further strengthen VTech’s position as a learning authority, the company’s Expert Panel, with esteemed experts in reading, language arts, science, math, and child development, consult on new product introductions.

Pretty impressive, right? And I know first hand that their products work and are built to last! What VTech toys did your kiddos love? I think it’s time to diversify my collection since I’m back in the tiny tot game again with my great nephew! I’m excited to think about getting some new VTech toys!

I’d love to hear from you if you have a favorite. Let me know! And if you need help with photos of your tiny tot, you can find me and my camera over at Paula Mason Photography. Just let me know how I can help you.

Until next time…