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I think Merida had a GREAT time at her parade this morning! What do you think?? She could not wipe the smile off her face. It was adorable!!!  However, I was pretty nervous.  I had not had my Canon 5D-Mark III for very long, and I was worried about not having the attached, pop-up flash for indoor pictures.  I knew I was going to be in the preschool hallways – not a lot of good light in there on most days, so I had my fingers crossed for some good pictures!

Fairy Tale Day Parade at Suncreek with my Canon 5D-Mark III

My sweet little Merida! How lucky was I that she spotted me immediately and waved. I think she noticed my giant camera and knew it was me. And just look at beautiful Rapunzel behind her.

So as you can see, the halls at Morgan’s preschool do not offer the best light.  But, with my Canon 5D – Mark III and my Canon EF 24-70 Lens attached, I can (or the camera will) crank the ISO up pretty high without a lot of “noise” in the photos.  Since I was new at using the 5D, I decided to put the ISO on auto – – I trusted the camera to figure it out more than I trusted myself.  The settings of the camera on the inside shots were all about the same – I shot in Aperture Priority mode (AV) with a shutter speed falling at about 1/400 with an f-stop of 2.8.  The ISO ended up at 1600.

Before we left for her big parade at preschool, I talked my little Merida into posing for some pictures outside.  I felt (and still d0) much more comfortable with outside lighting using my 5D than I do indoors.  My pictures are just always better – – white balance is right, pictures seem sharper to me, and it just seems to work out better when I’m outside.   I wanted a few pictures outside just in case I messed up the indoor shots!

Fairy Tale Day Parade with the Canon 5D - Mark III

My little brave warrior, Merida! What a sweetheart!

When we were taking pictures outside, I also had the camera set to Aperture Priority mode (AV), but the settings were a little bit different.  Again, I set the camera to Auto ISO, and outside, the ISO was around 100.  Big difference from the inside pictures with an ISO of 1600!  The shutter speed fell between 1/100 – 1/200 and an f-stop of 2.8 with an ISO setting of 100 (again that was the camera’s choice).  What do you think?  Can you see any more “noise” in the inside pictures with in ISO of 1600?  I can’t.  That’s one of the great things about the Canon 5D – Mark III.  You can really use a high ISO when you need to without compromising picture quality.

Fairy Tale Day Parade with the Canon 5D - Mark III

Merida decided that she needed at least one picture with her warrior face, because after all, Merida is “very fierce warrior with a bow and arrow”!

Canon 5D - Mark III

And Merida quickly put a smile back on her face after she showed me what a fierce warrior looked like!

So don’t let a new camera or a new camera setting scare you.  Just do like I did – – take a few “safe” shots before your big event just to make sure you get something, and then start clicking away.  If you take as many photos at each event as I do, you’re bound to get 1 or 2 good shots!  Until next time…