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When we were visiting my sister in Chicago, we spent a good part of one day at Hubbard Woods Park – just down the street from her.  I know you can see all the snow on the ground in my pictures, but we were able to walk to the park – about 1/2 mile from her house.  It was snowy, but not too cold to get out and get some fresh air.  Besides, my kids wanted to be out in the “real snow,” as they called it.  We rarely get snow like this in Texas, so this was quite exciting for them.

I talked about Hubbard Woods in my blog entry called Home Alone in Winnetka.  I was hoping they would be as excited as I was that Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone had been filming in this very park!!  Well…they weren’t.  Instead, they were impressed with the “snirt” hills – – for those of you who live down south and don’t see much snow, that is a hill of snow mixed with dirt!  Kind of gross, but the dirt did not stop my kids from still playing!

Hubbard Woods in Winnetka

This was a small “snirt” hill that Morgan wanted to climb up. Most of these hills were packed like ice and you could just climb up them – – this one was a little too melty. She sunk right down into it. Freezing, but still smiling!


Hubbard Woods in Winnetka

And now look – – my sister quickly pulled her out, and she came out with only one boot! The other one was stuck down at the bottom of the “snirt” hill!

What fun!  Glad my sister was there to help – – how else would I have captured the picture.  Always have your camera ready just in case you get in a situation like this.  Luckily, mine was strapped around my neck!!! We quickly recovered from the “snirt” hill adventure and headed over to the park.  Lots of fun was had, and since my sister was there to play with them, I was free to take some pictures!!


A very cool zip line that we couldn’t get enough of. Unfortunately, it dropped you off right in a big “snirt” hill!

Hubbard Woods in Winnetka

No jacket for this crazy girl – she would do well in Chicago! Me…not so much!

If you are ever up that way, be sure to stop by this park.  It’s really a fun place to spend some time.  And…it’s close to the book store I talked about in my blog post called The Book Stall – A Place Not to be Missed.  Enjoy, and keep taking pictures!  Until next time…