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These pictures were some of the first I tried to take of Zach and his team playing basketball!  If you want to read my article about how I am learning to take pictures at a basketball game, please read  my article called  Learning to Take Pictures at a Basketball Game.  Like I say in the article, this is a learning process, and I am definitely still learning!!  And I still prefer taking pictures of sports that are outside.  The lighting is so much better.

Canon 70-200 Lens

Here they are…the champions! What an exciting season!


Another attempt at an action shot. After a couple of seasons, I can say that I am finally able to get a pretty good shot in a gymnasium while Zach plays basketball now!


But either way, I highly recommend the Canon 5D-Mark III camera with the Canon EF 20-200 Zoom Lens!  They are both excellent!   If you shoot with something else that works for indoor sports, let me know.  I’d love to hear all about it!  Just check out some of the pictures below in the image gallery.  They are terrible!  Well…maybe not compared to a cell phone picture, but pretty bad!

In my article Learning to Take Pictures at a Basketball Game, I share all the things I’ve learned so far.  And…you can compare my pictures from this time to the pictures I took after shooting for a couple of seasons.  Basketball is such a fast sport, and it is almost impossible (for me at least) to predict where the movement is going to be next.  I feel that I’m much better as baseball and soccer pictures.  Not only do I know those sports a bit better, but I am also shooting the pictures outside.  Most days in Texas, the light outside is excellent!

In the article, I also talk about the different settings I’ve used at basketball games.  Hopefully, some of my mistakes will help keep you from making the same ones I did.  Good luck with your pictures, and as always, let me know how it turns out for you!  Until next time…

First place champions! What a fun basketball season we had. Wish you all could’ve been at the final game last night. It was AWESOME!!

Zach (and Mark) was SO happy!!

Paula 🙂