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Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200 Lens

This boy loves to climb!

A day at the park is a really good day.  A day at the park with my Canon EF 70-200 lens is an excellent day.  We are fortunate to live very close to my children’s elementary school.  In fact, most days we walk to and from school unless it’s really cold or raining (or we’re feeling lazy).

The benefit to being a block away from an elementary school is access to the play ground when school’s not in session.  It’s a great place to play and hang out, and my kids are always excited to show me what tricks they learned on the monkey bars at recess that day.

The weather lately has been quite gloomy, so when the sun peaked out, we hopped on our scooters and bikes and headed to the school playground.  And I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark III and attached my Canon EF 70-200 Lens and we headed out.  The reason I like to take my 70-200 lens to the park is so I can sort of be “out of the picture.”  I can be so far removed from my kids, that they actually play together instead of with me, and I can capture those moments they have without interrupting with my constant “smile…look this way” chatter.

Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200 Lens

In this picture, she was calling for me to come help her! But I was too far away. Luckily, big brother swooped in to help her see that she was only about 5 inches off the ground!

The only problem with this lens is that I can be so far away that I might not be close enough to catch them when they start to fall.  Luckily, they are both pretty good at monkey bars and such so I don’t have to worry much.  After about 30 minutes of showing me all their cool tricks, we moved on to scooters and bikes in the parking lot of the school.

Best place to race around and not worry about traffic is a school parking lot when school is not in session.  And I love doing this – I sit at the end of their “runway” and click away hoping to get the perfect picture!  And I can almost always count on sweet Morgan to look up at wave to me while she’s careening down the hill!

Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200 Lens

Such a sweet girl. I’m always afraid she’s going to crash when she looks over at me and waves!  And there’s her brother in the background, probably shouting “Hurry up, Morgan!  You’re going to slow!”


Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200 Lens

There goes my little mountain biker! Hopping off another curb, heading out into the dirt fields! It’s not fun unless you get a little muddy, right?

Catching Zach in action is a bit tougher, because he is a beast on his bicycle!  I never know which way he’s going to turn or whether or not he’s going to hop off the curb!  He’s a crazy nut when it comes to biking!  Sometimes, I manage to get a pretty good shot.  After we’ve all had time to get our little ya-yas out, I usually ask them to pose for one or two pictures.  I hate to pass up the chance on a beautiful, sunny day when I have my big lens with me!

Morgan is almost always willing to pose for me, but Zach is a different story.  But…when he does pose, I snap away as fast as I can in burst mode.  That way, I’m sure to get at least one good shot.

Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200 Lens

This one is always willing to pose for me! Love her sassy attitude!

Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 70-200 Lens

This one usually needs to be bribed to pose for me. Occasionally, he will!  And with my Canon 70-200, I can call out his name and he doesn’t even know I’m about to snap his picture!

I highly recommend the Canon EF 70-200 lens, especially if you are shooting action shots outside or following young kids around!  It’s so easy to be “up close” to them without getting too close to them!  You know??  So…that’s it friends!  We were sure glad to get out after so many gloomy, cold days.  The kids loved the park, and I was able to get some cute pictures outside with my best camera and favorite lens!  Until next time…