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Very fun morning at the Mason’s on Easter last year! We had lots of fun hunting Easter eggs, and then after church we attempted some family pics since we were all dressed up!  And once again, I decided I wanted to actually be in a few of the pictures with my family!  So…we got out the tripod and hooked up the Canon Remote.  And just like that, we have a picture with all four of us.  The times when we are all four dressed up and looking sharp are so very rare, that I felt like I couldn’t pass up this opportunity!!!  And as I mentioned in another article, it is important to Be in the Picture sometimes too!!

Using the Canon Remote for Pictures

A very rare occurrence for my crew! For a couple of reasons… First of all, we are all dressed up (usually only happens on Sundays on the way to church)! Secondly, I am not wearing a baseball cap (also only happens on Sundays on way to church)!  So…I took advantage of this opportunity because we were in our extra nice clothes because it was Easter!

There are several other pictures from Easter morning below in the Image Gallery – as you can see from the early pictures, I was still asleep and did not have the white balance fixed on my camera.  But…you can still get an idea of what was going on.  Early morning, inside shots have always been difficult for me.  I prefer not to shoot with a flash if I can help it.  I just don’t like the “washed out” look that comes with a flash sometimes, so I try to adjust white balance, aperture, shutter speed, etc… before I resort to a flash.  Nothing that a few minutes in Lightroom can’t fix up in most cases.


In this picture above, I “auto-adjusted” the white balance because it looked to yellow to me. A very easy fix in Lightroom.


In this picture, I did not adjust the white balance at all. See the yellow/orange tint the picture has? A flash would’ve helped, but it also completely changes the coloring of the picture. So instead of a flash, I usually just adjust the white balance in Lightroom.

Most of my pictures are just sent out in an email to family members, so I usually only edit those that I plan to frame or blog about and don’t worry about the white balance on the others – unless I decide to use it in one of my many scrapbooks.  Whether or not the white balance is good, I still have the moment captured.  So get out there, take some pics, and don’t worry about the white balance so much – – that’s what Lightroom is for!  Easter is coming up very soon, so get your cameras and tri-pods ready, since most of you, like the Masons, will be in your extra nice clothes!  Perfect time for a picture.  I’ve told you about the remote, but it’s your job to get your kids to sit still and smile for the camera.  Good luck with your pictures…  Happy Easter everyone!  Until next time…


And don’t forget to take a silly picture – – gives the kids something to look forward to. I always say “For each smiling picture, you get to take 2 silly ones”!  So far this works with my crew!