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Well…this morning we had our annual mess up the kitchen and dye Easter eggs activity!  It was so fun, but the attention span of my kids was very short today for some reason.  Are they growing out of this stage already??  I sure hope not.  Coloring Easter eggs is so fun – – it ranks right up there with making Gingerbread houses at Christmas time.  So no matter what, I will always set out the materials needed to dye Easter eggs.  I’m sure one day we will get to a point where I’m the only one coloring and decorating eggs, but I’m determined to keep up this fun tradition.

We followed our normal routine for this activity except for one thing…  When I was at the grocery store, there were some egg coloring kits on sale!  Great I thought – – I’ll get several of these, and that way we can dye more eggs.  It’s not like the Paas Easter Egg Decorating Kits that we normally use are expensive!  But I learned my lesson.  As you can see from some of my pictures, the only color of dye that really worked in my off-brand egg coloring kit was pink!  You can imagine how happy that made my son, Zach!  Fortunately, we had some stickers left over from years past, so we used funny face stickers and little Easter stickers to decorate the eggs that didn’t hold their dye.  Lesson learned – stick with what works!  I will never again buy the off-brand egg decorating kits.  I think it might’ve saved me about $1.00!  If it ain’t broke…

Decorating Eggs with Paas Egg Decorating Kits

It didn’t bother Morgan that pink was the only color that was working on our eggs this year. In fact, I think she preferred it that way! Pink and sparkly – that’s how she likes everything!

So, I did a little research after our epic egg coloring fail, and found some neat things to keep in mind for next year.  We will definitely try the Paas Egg Color Snaps.  Looks much neater that trying to paint the eggs!  But using the Paaas Color Cups with colored water works just fine, but Morgan is always asking for paint, so Paas Egg Color Snaps might be the answer.  It looks like a big Q-tip – – it says you snap it then paint.  I guess the paint flows through the little cotton swab on the end, and you can just write on the eggs like a paint marker.

My kids are only 9 and 6, and it seems to me that we still have many years ahead of us of enjoying coloring Easter eggs.  I hope so anyway, but I think I might’ve found something that speaks to them as they continue to grow up – – Paas Emoji Eggs.  They could decorate their eggs just like all the cute emojis that they use in their text messages when they steal my phone!  I can hardly wait to order some of these and try them for next year’s egg coloring activity!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Paas Egg Decorating Kits

Zach lasted about 5 minutes, especially when he realized that all the eggs were going to be some shade of pink. But he was able to master “balancing the egg on his ear” trick!  He worked and worked on balancing the egg on his head, but that proved to be a bit harder – guess his head’s not as flat as he thought it was!

Paas is definitely the way to go if you want to color Easter eggs.  Is there something else you use/do to color Easter eggs with your family?  Let me know if you have the perfect solution.  I’d love to know about it…  For next year though, I’ll be ready.  I’ll get to the store early and get all my Paas Egg Decorating Kits and accessories. No off-brand kits that are on sale!  I’ll get everything I need, and I will color eggs with or without my kids.  I’m hoping I can get at least one more year out of them.  I feel like we need to end on a good note – – this year was a fail.  At least as far as coloring the eggs – – but as for fun – – we had lots of that!

I boiled 14 eggs, and I think they ate 3 and "accidentally" cracked a few more.

I boiled 14 eggs, and I think they ate 3 and “accidentally” cracked a few more.

Easter is almost here, so get out there, get some Paas decorating kits, and get after it with your family.  Happy Easter, y’all!  Until next time…

Paas Egg Decorating Kits

Paas has many fun accessories to use too – like this “egg holder” so you can draw on the egg or use stencils.