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If you’re like me, and you love your toys, then you will love this blog post! My husband and I had the best time the other day when we packed up 3 of our favorite toys and headed to the park – without the kids! It was a beautiful day, and we both needed to get outside for a while, since Date Night seems to be a thing of the past. At least for now. Quarantine was taking its toll on us.

We needed a quarantine play date! Usually, we enjoy dinner and movie, but during this Corona pandemic, a play date at the park with some of our favorite remote control toys seemed to be our only option. Check out the highlights in the video below…

We grabbed Rubie, my Traxxas remote control car, my GoPro Hero 7 Black, and Mark’s drone, the DJI Mavic Pro and we headed to the park right by our house. We were weighed down with batteries, phones, charging cords, remote controllers, extra batteries, and of course, my camera to document our date at the park.

I think we had both forgotten how much fun it is to just forget about all of the laundry, the chores and work that needed to be done at home, and head outside for some fun. We decided it might be cool to attach my GoPro to Rubie and video us driving Rubie around at the park, and see things from the car’s point of view. The DJI also captures video, so we were set.

We attached the GoPro to the front of Rubie, got the drone ready to fly, and we were off! It was so much fun! I am a Traxxas junkie, so I’m really good at driving Rubie, and Mark chased Rubie all around the park with his DJI.

If you’re into remote control cars, I highly recommend checking out Traxxas. They have an excellent Traxxas Website, with lots of information.

Traxxas, The Fastest Name in Radio Control® is the number-one selling name in Ready-To-Race® nitro and electric radio controlled (RC) vehicles. Traxxas is dedicated to innovative thinking and fun designs that make it easy for anyone to get started in radio control. Traxxas products include trucks, cars, speedboats, and quadcopters as well as a full line of accessories for a completely personalized experience. Prices start at less than $150 with over 25 performance models under $350.

Traxxas has been engineering and building the world’s fastest and most innovative Ready-To-Race® radio-controlled performance machines since 1986. Traxxas models are fully assembled with powerful, feature-rich radio systems and are Ready-To-Drive® in just minutes, including the 100mph Traxxas XO-1 supercar. Traxxas performance, durability, and world-class customer support all come together to deliver an award-winning radio-controlled experience that’s designed to last for years of fun. 

Rubie, my Traxxas car is pretty old now. I’ve had her for about 10 years, and things have changed so much in the world of remote control cars. Most cars now are so advanced. Almost all of them have Bluetooth capabilities and can be operated from your cell phone, they are usually waterproof, and the accessories they have now are amazing. I’m definitely going to need some lights for my next car, as well as a wheelie bar!

If it’s drones you’re into, then Mark will tell you to go check out all the DJI drones that are offered. He started out with a DJI Phantom, which we thought was awesome! A few years later, for Father’s Day, we got him a DJI Mavic Pro. It’s small, lightweight, easy to fly, and has great video capabilities! His Phantom was gigantic and hard to transport. One really great thing we love about the Mavic Pro is that it’s small enough to fit in my purse!

DJI also has a great website at It has all of the products they offer, and believe me…there are many to choose from. I’m always nervous when flying Mark’s Mavic, because I’m worried I’ll crash it. I’ve been thinking lately that I need to buy myself a Mavic Mini that can by my very own. Then, if I crash it into a tree, I won’t feel bad about breaking his cool toy!

The DJI website has some great information if you’re not sure what type of drone to buy. Like Traxxas also does, they explain the difficulty of flying each different type of drone. Some are more complicated than others, so be sure you read up on the level of skill required to drive the cars or fly the drones. For me, it’s much easier to drive the car, so most of the time, I’m driving Rubie, and Mark is flying the drone.

Which do you prefer? Do you have a remote control car that you like? A drone? Tell me about them. I’d love to hear what you have. Have fun, and be sure to take an extra battery pack (or two)! Until next time…

P.S. Another post will come out as soon as we sit down to finally build the remote control boat that’s sitting in our garage…seems we’ve got plenty of time for at least the next month or so!

Check out the video below from the drone! As you can see, directing the camera is not as easy as we hoped! Don’t get too dizzy watching this. Enjoy…