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Month: November 2016

The Top 5 Scooters for 2016 – For Kids and Adults

There are so many scooters out there, I decided to do some research to find out about the top 5 scooters for 2016.  I just recently bought myself a brand spanking new Razor A5 Lux Adult Kick Scooter.  Yes I did!  My kids like to go up to the school parking lot every day after school and ride their scooters around. Usually by 4:00 or so all the cars have left, so we have this giant arena for riding scooters.  I would always casually stroll behind them watching them have so much fun on their scooters. Often times, I...

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My First Fairy Garden…All You Need is a Few Supplies and Your Imagination

What exactly is a Fairy Garden?  I became curious about them as articles about these little gems came through my feed on Facebook and Twitter occasionally.  I had also seen little fairy villages each year when we browsed through the Hearthsong catalog that always finds its way to my mailbox close to Christmas.  They have a magnificent item called a Fairy Village!  It is quite impressive, and every year when Morgan looks through this catalog she circles it, hoping someone (maybe Santa) will give it to her! It is something else, and if you want to see it, click here:...

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My Public Library…A Dream for This Mom of Two Avid Readers

As a mom of two avid readers, I was forced into learning about my public library.  When Zach was an emerging reader, we loved to take trips to the mall near our house, stop in the bookstore, and buy cute little paperbacks that he loved to read.  We would do that every 3 weeks or so, and most of the books he was reading back then were about $4-5 each.  Not bad – a day’s entertainment at the mall and a few books from the bookstore for that price? Worth every penny…  Because as we all know, the bookstore had...

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Macro Photography…Butterflies, Bugs and Spiders – Oh My!

What exactly is macro photography?  Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to send you a message?  I do all the time!  I use that as my excuse to buy things I don’t need – like new cameras or fun toys that I’m curious about (not things I actually need).  Lately, I feel like the universe has been pushing me to get into Macro Photography. I’ve heard people talking about macro photography a lot, but had never really known much about it.  Over these past few weeks, I have received countless articles in my inbox and on...

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Kindle Paperwhite, S’ip by S’well, iPhone 7 Plus, & Rubik’s Cube

Kindle Paperwhite, S’ip by S’well, iPhone 7 Plus, & Rubik’s Cube are 4 things I love right now!  What in the world are these?  I know, I know…I talk about a lot of different toys/products/cameras on, but I always have a few favorites. Here is a list of 4 of my most recent favorites (some I’ve blogged about, and some I haven’t…yet)! They are the S’ip by S’well, the Kindle Paperwhite, my brand spanking new iPhone 7 Plus, and my new Rubik’s Cube. As I continue to read up on things and read new books, etc… this list of favorites...

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