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Okay folks, she did it again!  Hush by Kate White is an excellent summer read!!  In this exciting thriller by Kate White, Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief and New York Times bestselling author of the Bailey Weggins mystery series (If Looks Could Kill, A Body to Die For, ’Til Death Do Us Part, Over Her Dead Body, Lethally Blond), a mother of two goes from ordinary New Yorker to victim and detective overnight.  Readers of Laura Lippman and Iris Johansen are sure to find many page-turning thrills in Kate White’s Hush.

“Dark, sexy, and smart… A stunningly good read.” — Linda Fairstein, author of Hell Gate

“Utterly compelling . . . A classic page turner.” — Karin Slaughter, author of Undone

VERDICT:  Kate White is now one of my favorite authors!  Her books are intriguing and keep me wanting to read them.  For me, her books are the perfect summer read – I like to be sitting by the pool, on the beach, or on my porch while reading these!

In this book, the main character is Lake Warren – a newly divorced 44 year old who works as a marketing consultant.  She is going through a terrible divorce in the story, and her lawyer warns her to stay out of and away from trouble.  And as you probably guessed – she does the complete opposite of that when she has a one-night stand with a c0-worker!  And so the fun begins!

I found Hush to be a wonderful “pool-side” thriller!  This is the 3rd book of Kate White’s that I have read.  I have read and really enjoyed The Wrong Man and The Sixes, as well as Hush!  You can’t go wrong with any of them if you’re looking for a bit of a mystery/thriller/chick flick type read!  Does that make sense?  Hope so, because it makes sense in my head!

Now…if you like to know almost everything that happens in a book before you read it, check out Mysterious Reviews Website.  They have a great review of Kate White’s book, Hush, but if you’re like me, and you only like to read a quick snippet, don’t read this article!!!  However, if you really like to know what you’re in for, then click on the link.  It’s a nice, detailed review of the book.

Publisher’s Weekly described this book as a break from her Bailey Weggins series (Lethally Blond, etc.) with this stand-alone thriller that generates a real sense of jeopardy while avoiding clichés.  Newly divorced 44-year-old marketing consultant Lake Warren finds her latest job devising a marketing plan for a Manhattan fertility clinic rewarding until her ex-husband, Jack, sues for full custody of their two young children.  While her lawyer warns her not even to date so Jack won’t have leverage against her, Lake gives in to a one-night stand with the clinic’s flirtatious Dr. Keaton.  A subplot about the clinic’s questionable practices adds to the tension, but doesn’t detract from the main plot with its myriad twists.

Who Is Kate White?

Here she is - author of The Sixes and many other bestselling novels!

Here she is – author of Hush, The Sixes, The Wrong Man, and many other bestselling books!

Kate White is a New York Times bestselling author of many fiction books. She is well-known for her Bailey Weggins novels – six of these have been on the New York Times bestselling list – I’m definitely going to look for one of those sometime soon. I love following the same character through several novels. The first one in this series is called If Looks Could Kill. It’s on my Goodreads list of books to read now!  Can’t wait to get started…

Before becoming a novelist, she was the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine.  She left that job in 2013 to concentrate on being an author full-time. In her short bio on her website, she said that she fell in love with the mystery genre after reading her first Nancy Drew book – The Secret of Redgate Farm.  She especially loved Carolyn Keene’s cliffhanger endings that she had in many of her Nancy Drew novels.

In addition to these fun mysteries, Kate White is also the author of a few very popular career books. Career books really aren’t my style at all, but if that style suits you, here are a couple to choose from (click on title to read about them):

So…if you’re headed to the beach or to the pool, you should get yourself a copy of Hush, The Sixes, or The Wrong Man, and find yourself a great seat by the pool or on the beach and enjoy. Until next time…