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Month: December 2016

Oh Christmas Tree – Some Little Known Facts About Them

Christmas trees are one of my favorite things about Christmas time.  I LOVE Christmas trees.  Real ones, fake ones, white ones, trees with tinsel, decorated house plants pretending to be a Christmas tree, etc…  Basically any kind of Christmas tree (or anything that resembles one) elicits a smile and a happy feeling!  Even poor Charlie Brown’s pathetic little Christmas tree. Who didn’t love that?  And way back, a long time ago, in college in Lubbock, the yucky, dirty tumbleweed decorated with a few crummy decorations and a string of lights in my apartment.  I loved it! Now that I’m...

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The Canon G7X II – The Perfect (and pocketable) Camera to Take with Me Everywhere!

I LOVE my new Canon G7X II camera.  She is tiny, but impressively powerful!  As a total YouTube camera review junkie, I often run across camera reviews of cameras that I didn’t even know I needed or wanted for that matter.  The Canon G7X II is one of those cameras!  But man…I’m so glad I stumbled across this one.  For many years, I have looked for a small camera – one that took pictures like my Canon 5D Mark IV, but fit into my pocket.  That’s a tall order! Well…I’m here to say that a camera like that doesn’t exist....

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving – the Nixplay Digital Frame

The Nixplay Digital Frame is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received!  If you are an avid photographer like me, and you take thousands of pictures every month, then this is something you need.  I was having trouble deciding which of my photos to frame and have out in my house, because I took so many. My tabletops and shelves were filled with framed pictures, and I was constantly changing them out.  I finally found the answer to my problem.  The Nixplay Digital Frame.  This allows me to show off SO many of the photos that I take,...

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The Edge Skate Park in Allen – A Hidden Gem

We found out about The Edge Skate Park in Allen just in time.  My kids and I have always loved riding our scooters through the neighborhood – on the street, on the sidewalk, on the trail by our house, but mostly in the parking lot at our local elementary school.  Lately, they have both been attempting “tricks” on their scooters. Just plain riding around is not enough anymore – especially for my son (almost 10).  He wants to jump off ledges and curbs, and jump up and spin in the air and land back on his scooter.  You know…things...

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Bloxels – A Great Find For My Gamer…

Bloxels!  What in the world is Bloxels?  That was my question when I ran across this game at the toy store.  But…on the box cover was a picture of an iPad and a little video game.  It immediately caught my attention as I was looking for something fun to bring home to Zach. It’s always easy when I want to surprise Morgan with something – her interests are so varied, and she loves just about anything and everything.  Zach is a bit more difficult. His interests always involve very expensive items like go-carts, fancy scooters, and computers.  You know…the...

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